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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Ramblings: Cheat Lake Rail Trail

It was strange to go out to the Cheat Lake Park, to see a place that used to be a secret, exist as a public park with a playground and a public boat launch.

I can’t say I have much desire to go back any time soon. The rail trail is relatively short and blocked at both ends.

But it was pretty.

Cheat Lake is the “expensive” area of Morgantown, where the doctors and lawyers and other well-to-do live. The trail runs along the access these wealthy home owners have to Cheat Lake.


Some of the access paths are nicer than others.


There were about a zillion people out on the lake–not sure how I got a shot with so few boats in it.


This was an area inaccessible to boats, which is why the water is still.


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