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Friday, September 20, 2013

What Has Interseted Me This Week

Since I seem to have nothing to post at the end of the week anymore (Should I bring back Friday Cat Blogging, perhaps?) here are some of the things around the Internet that interested me this week.

A couple weeks ago, I put WWII Today in my RSS feed. It posts events from WWII 70 years after their happenings. I fully admit that I scan many of the posts, but some of them are quite fascinating. Take this post from the 14th: Auschwitz: selected to work by Mengele. It IS a depressing read, but also a fascinating one.

I looked up and saw the paradoxical Auschwitz sign, “Work makes you free.” By leaving Auschwitz, I felt that we had a new lease on life. A large group of people were being led into the camp. They were gypsies, and I had to think of the contradiction, that they, people who loved so much their free spirit, were also chained in Auschwitz.

And the photos are amazing, especially placed in context.

This was my grandparent’s generation, and as far in the past as it seems, my father was a child during this part of the war.


As you can tell, I’ve been baking more, now that the temperatures have dropped, and think I really need to make this recipe for pumpkin sweet rolls.

As there are conflicting reports as to whether the weather this summer has damaged many pumpkin crops, I’ll be making sure to pick up my pumpkins early this year.


I supported Stacey, in her walk in memory of Mo, my friend Janiece’s daughter, who committed suicide this summer.

I’ve talked recently about depression, and know it’s a terribly difficult subject for some people to discuss–or even admit–but if you’re feeling depressed, TALK TO SOMEONE.


I’ve started listening to the WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE podcast, which is very demented and not for everyone.

But I like it.


And I’ve spent a lot of time this week being annoyed at Microsoft. This isn’t particularly anything unusual, considering my job, but I have found parts of Office 365 to be expecially egregious.

Like this:

searching in people

“Searching in People” and “To search in People.” Seriously, how did someone not stop and think, “this is really screwed up”?


And if anyone cares, I’m on Pinterest. I tend to pin… well, yeah. I pin stuff I find interesting. I think Geek Stuff and Vintage get the most pins.

So that’s this week’s wrap-up. Anything interesting in your neck of the woods?

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