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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Year in Reading: Mystery

I read a lot more mystery than you see here on this list, mostly because I re-read a lot of mysteries: especially Donna Leon and Agatha Christie


What Darkness Brings (2013) C.S. Harris (9/10)

I love the Sebastian St Cyr series–I actually purchase and READ the hard back editions, I love this series so much, and it feels like it just gets better over time.

The Sleeping Partner (2012) Madeleine E. Robins (8/10)

I read the first two books in this series, the Sarah Tolerance mysteries, and then she lost her publisher, so I was delighted to discover this new book.

An Unmarked Grave (2012) Charles Todd (8/10)

An Impartial Witness (2010) Charles Todd (8/10)

This series is set during The Great War, which is the biggest attraction for me. We may say that the men and women who made it through the Second World War are the Greatest Generation, but I think that title more rightfully goes to their parents’ generation, those who survived the first World War, when absolutely everything changed.

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (2009) Alan Bradley (8/10)

Flavia de Luce is an eleven-year old quite unlike any other girl in her English village. She loves chemistry, and science, and solving problems. So when she stumbles across the body of a man who was most likely murdered, she sees is as an exciting challenge.

After hearing about the woman who was trying to Read Around the World, I ran across some mysteries written in languages other than English in my TBR pile, and started reading.

I’m quite glad I did.

Silence of the Grave (2002/2005) Arnaldur Indridason translated by Bernard Scudder

This is the second book in the Inspector Erlendur series, and I really liked it. In fact, looking back, I liked the first book more than my initial impression when I wrote the review. I also really want to go to Iceland (I’d wanted to prior to this, this series just reinforced that.)

He Who Fears the Wolf (2003) Karin Fossum translated by Felicity David (8/10)

This is the second book in the Inspector Sejer series, and I’ll be honest, as much as I enjoyed this story, I absolutely couldn’t stand the story that followed. It wasn’t bad–it just really was not for me.

And that’s the year in mysteries.

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