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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hiking West Virginia: Seneca Rocks

Friday we hiked up Seneca Rocks, in memory of my cousin Ben.

We hiked to the top without stopping, because that’s what Ben would have done. One the way down, however, I stopped many times for pictures.

Location: Seneca Rocks
Distance:4.4 miles
Elevation: 1092 feet

20140523_Seneca Rocks_083

20140523_Seneca Rocks_087

20140523_Seneca Rocks_056

Most of the above pictures were taken from the viewing platform (noted with red arrow below), or several feet above. Because of COURSE I went past the STOP HERE DO NOT GO FURTHER sign.


The hike started approximately from where the next two pictures were taken, and then went up to the viewing platform (and just past).

Seneca Rocks at sunset:

20140522_Seneca Rocks_018

Seneca Rocks mid-day:

20140523_Seneca Rocks_167

20140523_Seneca Rocks_109

20140523_Seneca Rocks_128

20140523_Seneca Rocks_074

20140523_Seneca Rocks_076

Seneca Rocks Hike (gps map)

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