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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hiking WV: Cranberry Wilderness

This may well have been our last hike in snow of the season, so I was glad we were able to enjoy it–and that it was such a beautiful day.

I love the Cranberry Wilderness and am glad we got to hike it in the snow.

Location: Cranberry Wilderness
Trail: Charles Creek, Cowpasture Trails
Distance: 1.9 miles
Elevation: 3422-3564 feet
Temperature: 31 F

There used to be a prison in this area–a prison that didn’t bother with walls and barbed wire, since it was so far away from civilization that there was nowhere for escaped prisoners to go.

Although this prison was open during the Korean war (conscientious objectors were typically sent here) there are very few signs of civilization left: some spots of asphalt, the occasional chimney, and some stairs.



Charles Creek



2 Responses to “Hiking WV: Cranberry Wilderness”

  1. H J Gadiyar Says:

    You are presenting nice pictures of the Hiking locations. I did not hear of this place since you had these pictures with captions on Flickr. I am certain, there are many more years for you and your husband to enjoy these places with or without snow.

  2. Michelle Says:

    The Cranberry Wilderness is a lovely place to hike–it’s truly out of the way, and there is little-to-no cell signal, so you rarely see anyone, except on the boardwalk.

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