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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Traveling Outside WV: Baltimore

We spent a long weekend in Baltimore. We were there for my parents 50th anniversary party, but we also took the opportunity to visit Grandmom and wander around the city.

The harbour area is full of things I love coming together: water, old buildings, and occasionally, decay.

The USS Constellation in the Inner Harbor, in front of the World Trade Center building.


There was, I believe, a student group on the Constellation on Friday night. They were getting to shift the masts but did NOT fire the cannon.


Brickwork and hinge for storm shutter on old warehouse turned into condos.


These buildings are directly on the harbor, but none of them seemed to have functioning shutters anymore.

Looking across a dock at a warehouse that was turned into luxury condos.


Street in Fells Point.


Standing on Federal Hill, looking across the harbor towards the World Trade Center, and to the right, the National Aquarium.


Decaying dock.


3 Responses to “Traveling Outside WV: Baltimore”

  1. H J Gadiyar Says:

    I had a friend in Baltimore.
    She passed away last year.

    I enjoyed all the pictures you placed in Flickr and in this site.

    Some of your pictures are unique.

    Wonder you will consider writing captions in all or, at least. in some of them?

  2. Michelle Says:

    I’m so sorry you lost your friend.

    But I’m glad to hear from you–you’d been silent for awhile, so I was hoping you were okay–I’m glad you are!

    I’ll see about adding captions–though a lost of it was just stuff I thought looked interesting–little more information than that! :)

  3. H J Gadiyar Says:

    Please, add the captions wherever you can.
    Thank you very much.

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