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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Baltimore: National Aquarium

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to the National Aquarium for years, because many of the tanks used to be bare, and I really disliked that.

They have remedied that, which makes me very happy. Rocks and other items make the tanks look natural, and the octopus even had multiple toys.

Even better, they had a huge jellyfish exhibit, although to my sadness, they didn’t have benches where you could just sit and watch.

Poison dart frogs!





But most importantly: JELLYFISH







It makes me ridiculously happy that so many of the pictures I took of the jellyfish turned out.

3 Responses to “Baltimore: National Aquarium”

  1. H J Gadiyar Says:

    Very nice pictures of the Aquarium.
    They seem to change the settings every so often.

  2. Michelle Says:

    They change out exhibits regularly, but I was glad that the tanks were no longer barren. I was also glad to learn that they will eventually no longer have mammals in their exhibits, which makes me even happier.

    I also like that a lot of the creatures were rescued and no longer able to live in the wild (such as a turtle missing a flipper).

  3. H J Gadiyar Says:

    That sure is a welcome sign about the fact that aquarium is giving “asylum” to the rescued animals. Good news to know.

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