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Friday, December 28, 2018

The Books of 2018: Good Fantasy Covers

Now onto some of my favorite covers for Fantasy books!

Very Important Corpses (2017) Simon R. Green

All the books in this series are similar–a man with his back to you walking into the gloom.

I think they actually make the books feel darker than they actually are, but I also suppose that at this point the fact that it’s Simon R Green should really give you a point of reference to the amount of irreverence to be found within.

I only wish the books made it more clear which number this book was in the series (that’s really a personal nit).

Publisher: Severn House Digital

Deadly Assessments (2018) Drew Hayes

I really liked all the covers for this series.

The first three books emphasize the accounting/finance angle to the series–because this book is about a vampire accountant.

All the books have drops of blood somewhere on some paperwork, and all have the same label-type-font that signals the kind of geek who has always carefully labeled and organized things.

Each cover is distinct, yet also clearly belonging to the same series. They’re fun, and give you a good idea as to the content.

Publisher: REUTS Publications

The Myth Manifestation (2018) Lisa Shearin

I actually hadn’t realized she’d switched to self-publishing, since the cover has only a few changes to the patterns of the earlier covers (the fonts are slightly different, for the most part).

I think the cartoon-y feel makes it clear this is a fun book (rather than a dark and serious book) and throughout this series, I love the fact that throughout the series, Mac is depicted as clearly being an active participant in the events and always positioned in front of Ian.

She is always wearing reasonable clothes, and is obviously not going to put up with any nonsense.

I think these covers do an excellent job of showing that this books are full of action, but fun and not taking themselves too seriously.

Publisher: NLA Digital LLC

Pyromantic (2017) Lish McBride

This is another relatively simple-looking cover, but it also gives you a distinct feel for the story. The two characters are bound together in some manner, although it seems also pretty clear they’re at odds at the start of the story.

The fire is obvious, which is good, since Ava is a fire-starter, and the red emphasizes that. It’s also clean and relatively straight forward.

Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.

Dark Queen (2018) Faith Hunter

I love that from the start ROC has always portrayed Jane as active–doing something, usually fighting and getting ready to go kick ass.

Even when they didn’t have a Native American model. Even when the outfits were (when you looked closely) patched together bits and pieces that were individually ridiculous. Even when they didn’t get it quite right, they still tried their best to make the covers true to Jane’s character.

I’m delighted that this series has become so popular and long-running, and that they’ve stayed true to what they started with that first cover.

And I absolutely adore their current model.

This is a wonderful addition to the series, and also ties into the feel of Nell’s spin-off series.

I love this cover.

Publisher: ROC

The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy (2018) Mackenzi Lee

The cover of this book, and the previous book in the series, is wonderful.

Both books give you a clear feeling for the main character (in the first book, Monty is a mostly dissolute rake. His sister, Felicity, is clearly something completely different, and that’s obvious from the cover.

The font and the little doodles help to show it’s a YA book, and it doesn’t take itself too series, and they also tie the two books together perfectly.

More importantly, they’re quite unlike anything else I came across, which made them stand out.

I’ll admit, that initially I didn’t care for the title, but it actually ties in extremely well with the story, in a way I was completely not expecting.


Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Within the Sanctuary of Wings (2017) Marie Brennan

These covers are just flat-out gorgeous.

They are art, and I kinda want posters of them, except I don’t have anywhere to put posters.

But I still kinda want them because they did such and incredible job with these covers.

Publisher: Tor Books

Pretty good mix of publishers this year!

The Books of 2018

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