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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Left Wanting More

I was recently thinking about books I really liked, and series that ended long before I was finished enjoying them.

Here are some series I wish the authors had continued.

Liz Williams‘ Detective Inspector Chen – Urban fantasy plus police procedural is always going to be catnip to me. This series is one of my favorites in that genre.

The trouble with Hell, Zhu Irzh reflected bitterly, was not so much the palpable miasma of evil (with which he was, after all, ingrained) but the bureaucracy.

It’s been more than eight years since the last book in Justin Gustainis‘ Occult Crimes Unit series.

These books have truly horrible covers, but what was inside I really liked.

Yeah, I really said, “heck”. I’m no Boy Scout, but it’s not smart to say words like “hell” in a supe bar. You never know what might be listening.

I really enjoyed CE Murphy‘s Magic and Manners and would LOVE more historical-fantasy-romance. Alas, it’s been three years and no signs of another book.

Another series I wanted more of was Susan Bischoff‘s Talen Chronicles. It’s got a feel in some ways to Rising Stars (which I love) in that it’s a look at how society would deal with the sudden appearance of children with super powers.

I stumbled upon Michaela Roessner‘s two books and was crushed to discover a third was never published.

As an honorable mention, I found on a single book by Pat O’Shea, and I loved it. I wish it would be converted to eBook format.

So are there any series you loved that were abandoned well before their time?

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