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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Parallels: Thomas Becket

At any one time I am reading multiple books. It often fascinates me when I come across random parallels while reading two different (and unrelated books).

I’ve been re-reading Candace Robb’s Owen Archer serires for months now. I’ve read it several times, so it’s perfect bedtime reading: it’s interesting, but not fast-paced to keep me awake.

What else I am reading is entirely dependent upon my mood. With the world the way it is, I’ve been doing a lot of re-reading for comfort. After reading Jennifer Ashley’s Kat Holloway series, starting with Death Below Stairs, I wanted to re-read a favorite, Michelle Diener’s Banquet of Lies, which is also partially set in an historical British kitchen and features a lot of cooking.

Which meant that in one week I ended up reading two references to Thomas Becket.

“Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?” Bartlett spoke from the window, his words jumbled and slurred, almost unintelligible.

“Get out, Bartlett, you’re drunk.” The Prince Regent heaved his bulky frame to his feet.

Diener, Michelle. A Dangerous Madness (Regency London Series Book 3) (p. 140).

If Wykeham’s fears proved justified, that Lancaster saw him as a Becket— a too-powerful prince of the Church who stood in his way…

Robb, Candace. The Cross-Legged Knight: The Owen Archer Series – Book Eight (p. 329). Diversion Books.

It’s fun to track coincidences.

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