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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Hiking WV: Cacapon State Park

Looked at the weather Friday and discovered the Eastern Panhandle was out only option without a high chance of rain.

So off to Cacapon State Park we went.

Location: Cacapon State Park
Trail: Overlook Trail (partial)
Distance: 5.9 miles
Elevation: 2100-2289 feet

At Cacapon we drove up the mountain and did the Overlook trail. Unfortunately, we didn’t hike anywhere near as long as I had hoped, because my ankle was bothering me. But it was still lovely to be in the woods.

This is from the overlook.


You’re hiking along the ridgeline for a bit, but there is never a clearing to get a good view of the valley below.


We also stopped just outside of Berkeley Springs, at the top of the mountain where you have this lovely view of the Potomac.


2 Responses to “Hiking WV: Cacapon State Park”

  1. H. J. GADIYAR Says:

    Enjoyed all the pictures of and from Cacapon State park.

    It sure was a Sunny day.

  2. Michelle Says:

    We actually heard thunder in the distance on our hike, but no rain. Luckily!

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