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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Random on Last Night’s Forum

A couple of random comments on last night’s forum.

First, is that I had not been into the Met since I was a kid–all my dance recitals were held there, so I have both fond and vivid memories of the place. Upon walking into the theater, I turned and asked my parents “Was this place always to small?” In my memory the place was huge and rather grand. In reality it was rather small, actually, and showing its need for the ongoing renovations. It was an odd feeling, being in this building that held such a place in my memory, and finding it didn’t live up to my memory. But I still hope they finish the renovations.

Second, was that Robert Bastress reminded me of an early stage of one of dried apple dolls. He looked to me like in a few years he’ll be ready for a hat and a corncob pipe. This mental image was particularly amusing as he spoke well and eloquently and the law and civil rights.

Thirdly, I can’t believe that the place where the reception was held has gone through yet ANOTHER change of ownership and design. It is now called the “Lazy Lizard” (a particularly horrible name in my opinion). For those who don’t often go down high street, this is the store that was the last incarnation of Ali Baba’s, that was a number of different bars, was Space Port, and when I moved to Morgantown was Morrison’s Coat Store. I’m thinking that the Lazy Lizard incarnation won’t last too long.

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