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Sunday, August 21, 2011

What’s Your Favorite Number?

Upon hearing this morning about the website What’s Your Favorite Number, I immediately went to enter my favorite number–and to attempt to explain why it’s my favorite number.

My favorite number is 7, but it must be written correctly, with a serif and a slash.

First, I like writing the number 7 (I obviously write it with a serif and a slash.) Second, 7 (when written properly) conforms to the thing I like about several other numbers–they physically represent in some manner their number.

1 (without the serif or slash) takes only a single mark to create. 3 has three end-points. And when written with a serif and slash, you can count seven points on a seven.

Odd? Yeah. But it’s not like there’s anything particularly logical about a favorite number.

So what’s your favorite number, and why? (And go vote! “I don’t have a favorite number” is an option!)

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