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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Postcard Display

So a couple weeks ago, I was looking for suggestions for displaying postcards.

What I neglected to mention at the time was that I have a single postcard on display, however, I purchased it “as is” so, recreating that layout was going to be beyond me.

Postcard Displays

But I love how you can see both sides of the card.

So I spent some time looking on-line, and didn’t see anything reasonable I liked. Then I checked Target where I thought I remembered seeing clear glass picture frames. I was right–they had them.

Unfortunately, this solution isn’t perfect–the frames were in a box, so you couldn’t see that they used double sided tape to hold the picture to the back frame of glass, and the wooden rectangle that holds the glass in the frame is kinda flimsy. Plus, the double-sided tape left ugly smears on the glass (Yes, I have Goo-Gone. But I figured the more I fooled with the glass, the more likely I was to break it and end up needing stitches). However, what I had going for me was that the postcards are thicker than pictures, and since some of them have spent years on my refrigerator, they aren’t particularly flat, all of which seems to work to hold them in place.

We’ll have to see how this holds up in the long run, but for now, I’m quite pleased.

Postcard Displays

Postcard Displays

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