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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Woodpeckers at Our Birdfeeders

We have bird feeds.

Multiple bird feeders.

Initially, they were mostly to keep the cats entertained, but as we’ve had the feeders for quite awhile now, we get a lot of birds.

This year, we discovered we have two different species of woodpecker. Which is kinda surprising, since we live “in town” and have a lot of traffic, day in and day out.

What was not a discovery was that my windows are filthy, so if I want a clear picture, I have to go outside. Which, of course, scares away the birds.

This woodpecker, however, was quite fearless, and didn’t seem to mind me at all.



(Downy woodpcker)

This one I could only catch a picture of through the (filthy) living room window.


(Red bellied woodpecker)

I’m trying to figure out a way to get clear pictures without scaring off the birds, so I can get pictures and figure out what other kinds of birds we have (besides sparrows).

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