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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

No Longer Smurfy

Due to complaints from various family members (with no sense of humor), the message on my cell phone is no longer the smurf song, as sung by me.

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Random Blues

Even looking at the NYT fashion pages failed to cheer me up (they’re almost always good for a laugh) so here’s some other random stuff.

From the BBC, a bear bicycle bandit:

A bold amphibious escape bid by a bear at Berlin zoo has been foiled in a dramatic shoot-out.

What made the story for me, is that it was Juan the Andean spectacled bear, which caused me to imagine a large black bear with wire rimmed glasses, bustin’ out.
(Story includes picture of bear attempting to steal bicycle)

From the BBC yesterday, frustrated chimp takes up smoking:

A chimpanzee has taken up smoking and spitting, according to China’s Xinhua news agency.

You really have to read the article, especially as it tells you why they think the chimp has started smoking.

And an interesting article from the NY Times on women’s shoes:

Round-toed shoes with five- or even six-inch heels, fashionable this season, are hardly better; likewise the popular thong sandals, which completely expose the feet.

“Flip-flops are close to horrible for the feet,” Dr. Smith said. “They are totally flat, soft and squishy, and offer no support and no protection,” not to mention their penchant for causing accidents by catching on things or inviting being stepped on.

As someone who hates heels, and refuses to wear them, I can tell you that it is quite difficult to find nice dress shoes that don’t have a heel. I cannot understand what would make a woman torture herself so, although I was amused by the closing quote:

Simon Doonan, the creative director of Barneys New York, had a simpler explanation for women’s ability to wear the shoes they love.

“Women have a higher pain threshold,” he said. “Men would not do this.”

For once, men are smarter.

Oh happiness what an elusive thing you are
But thank God you were born beneath its star
Drop another coin in the slot and I will tell you more.
–Masters of Reality

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Hope the Day Gets Better

Talked to my Dad this morning (and got e-mail from my aunt last night). Cousin Pat goes in for surgery tomorrow. It looks like the lymph cancer has spread; this in addition to their recent discovery of colon cancer.

Please send your good thoughts towards Baltimore tomorrow.

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Monday, August 30, 2004

Childish and Immature


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Five signs on the door.


And people STILL walk in.

“Oh. You’re closed? I didn’t know.”


(deep breath)

Okay. I’m better now. Really.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

American Car Makers Whine Because They’re Building Monstrosities Instead of Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Aides to (Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger) say he will sign legislation approved on Thursday that could allow up to 75,000 hybrid drivers, mainly those behind the wheel of a gas-sipping Prius, to use car pool lanes even when taking to the road alone. The governor hopes the perk will encourage more people to buy the cleaner-burning cars, but by doing so, he will give the Japanese-made Prius vaunted status in a state where nearly 30 million registered vehicles compete for every inch of open asphalt.

“What Bill Ford ought to be doing is spending his time figuring out how to out-compete the Japanese,” Mr. Angelides said. “The bill has objective standards, and any car company, including Ford, could produce a clean-burning, fuel-efficient hybrid that meets the standards.”

The Honda Insight and Civic Hybrid also meet the fuel effeciency standards.

So American car makers have fought tooth and nail to keep cafe standards from raising, and now they’re fighting to stop a rewards program for those who purchase fuel efficient vehicles.

As for Ford whining that the Escape hybrid doesn’t quality… at 31 mpg, my standard Corolla gets better gas mileage than that–we’re gotten 41 mpg on the interstate. So to call the Escape hybrid fuel efficent is a joke.

If people want to buy urban attack vehicles, they most certainly may, but those people can suck it up when gas prices go through the ceiling. I certainly don’t want to listen to their complaints, since their gas guzzling is only exacerbating the problem. So drive what you like, but you don’t get to drive an SUV and complain about gas prices when you knew your monstrosity got low mileage when you bought it,

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Snood Who?

Must. Stop. Snooding.

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