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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today’s Word

…has always squicked me out.

wetware \WET-wair\ noun
: the human brain or a human being considered especially with respect to human logical and computational capabilities

It makes me think of the kinds of noises you’d hear if someone opened up your skull and went poking about in your brain.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Small Update

Just so you don’t think I fell of the earth, I’m still here, and I’m still attempting to deal–although I’m not necessarily dealing well.

I’m still having a rough time with my medication–in fact I left a message for the doctor to call me, because I think I’m doing worse than I was when is started the meds. (Which I find amusing when I’m not being annoyed by the side effects. [Because, really, who doesn’t need a little something to make them more anxious and jittery?])

How do I know things are getting worse? Because I can hardly drag myself out of bed in the morning, and if given the choice would spend all my time hiding in the basement reading all my favorite books. But I am getting out of bed and going to work. And I am not hiding in the basement–at least not all the time. And I’m reading new books instead of my old favorites (but that’s mostly because I have so many books I haven’t read, I feel guilty picking up a book I’ve read previously. No matter how much The Phoenix Guards or Swordspoint or Pawn of Prophecy calls out to me. [Especially Phoenix Guards, because reading that means I have to read Five Hundred Years After, and then I’d have to read The Khaavren Romances, and then I’d have to read all the Vlad books, and since I have Dzur on pre-order for when it comes out in paperback, I’ll have to re-read all the Vlad books again then…(I’m sure you can understand how difficult it is.)])

So I’m dealing. I just could be dealing better.

To be honest, it’s terribly frustrating to know that in what seems to be another life, I could deal with the problems and issues that cropped up from day to day. I know I was once a person who could handle stressors–maybe not exceptionally well, but I could handle them. But that seems like something that I read about rather than something I did myself. Depression makes me feel like I’ve always been completely incompetent, so why do I bother trying. But after years of dealing with this, I’ve learned that if I take action and do something about my depression, it will eventually pass.

I just have to be patient.

I hate being patient.

In other news, now that it seems to be general knowledge (i.e they finally told my grandmother), my father starts radiation therapy next week. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a huge deal. But when he had the surgery for his prostate cancer in 1999, I was hoping not to have to deal with this again. But things are the way they are, and I simply have to accept that (since it’s not like I can actually do anything about it.)

So nothing has really changed–I’m still plodding along. But I have hope that things will get better soon.

Like maybe after I completely get over this stupid cold I seem to have picked up.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day


Memorial Day is the day we are to remember those who fought for our country. This is the day we remember those who fought for our freedom and for justice. This is the day we remember those who gave their lives to so that we might now have:

freedom of speech….
freedom of religion….
freedom of association….
freedom of the press….
the right to keep and bear arms….
the right to keep the military out of our homes….
the right to be secure from illegal search and seizure….
the right to a trial by jury….

Main Entry: freedom
Pronunciation: ‘frE-d&m
Function: noun
1 : the quality or state of being free: as
a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
b: liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : INDEPENDENCE
c: the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous (freedom from care)

Memorial Day
The history of Memorial Day

US Census site for memorial day

The Constitution and other historical US documents

But most of all, please remember the 3426 soldiers who have died in Iraq, the 387 soldiers who have died in Afghanistan, and the many many soldiers of have been wounded in service to our country..

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Book Reviews Are Not for the Masses

What a complete asshat.

See SmartBitchesTrashyBooks for a longer refutation.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quizzy Goodness

Theological world views:

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Finally, a Positive!

After a month and a half of phone calls and hair pulling, a new DSL modem, multiple checks by Earthlink and Verizon, and finally a new line from the telephone pole to the house after we eventually had difficulty with our phone service, we finally have stable Internet!

As a complete and total geek, you can’t imagine what it’s been like having an internet connection that wouldn’t stay up for more than a few seconds at a time. I was reduced to playing minesweeper and solitaire!

So with internet back I spent the evening catching up on book reviews and trying not to pay attention to the Star Trek: Next Generation that Michael and my grandmother were watching.

As far as everything else goes, I’d say I’m feeling better, but that’d be a lie. Let’s say I’m feeling less horrible, and maybe I’ll be back for more regular posts next week–depending.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Or perhaps not.

I’m not sure how much I’m going to be posting for awhile.

I’m still having problems with my depression, and so don’t really have much to say other than things along the line of, “woe is me,” which may be amusing the first time, because it’s not like you hear the word “woe” very often, but is much less amusing on the umpteenth repetition.

So, you’ll see me when you see me. I’ve only been on the meds for two weeks, so perhaps just giving it a bit more time will help.

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News Flash!

West Virginia least like the rest of the country!

No kidding.

Here are the bottom five:

Kentucky 47
Vermont 47
New Hampshire 49
Mississippi 50
West Virginia 51

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Random

We’re still having internet problems at home. (At this point, we get about 30 seconds of connectivity, then crash.)

So until things are better, enjoy this:
Bound for Glory: American in Color 1939-1943

This is probably my favorite picture. It’d be just as interesting in black and white as in color.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

This Week

It’s like being nibbled to death by cats.


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