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Friday, May 30, 2008

Grumble Grumble

Well, I’m running a temperature, so it looks like I’ll be in the basement for the duration of the weekend. (See previous post)

Only good thing is I get o make Michael run up and down the stairs to bring me water and aspirin and anything else I need. (Right now he’s making me decaf lemon lift tea, with honey.)

So please, entertain me. I am surrounded by books, but I wouldn’t mind some mindless staring at the computer either.

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(ahem) (ahem) (ahem)

Well, I don’t think it was just that yesterday was a long day. I think I’m coming down with the same flu my boss was out with.

I’ve got a Dr appointment at 1:00 so I can see what’s going on and determine if Grandmom needs to go stay with my parents for a few days until I’m no longer sick/contagious.

I’m at work now, because I just have a sore throat and am a bit achey, and because I can sequester myself in my office here (well, except for having to teach Photoshop this morning, but I did warn my students to stay away from me), as opposed to increasing the chances of my grandmother getting sick if I am at home.

So off to the doctor at 1:00, and then I guess I’ll pull the bed out of the love seat and try and relax in the basement (there is no air intake in the rooms in the basement) until Grandmom heads out to my parent’s house.

For now, I just drank a bottle of orange juice and am starting on a bottle of water. Gotta keep hydrated. And I’m going to hope this passes quickly, so my grandmother can return quickly from her exile at my parent’s house.

Unless of course this is all just allergies and I’m worried for nothing.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

This Is All Jim’s Fault

OK. Go here then.

It’s summer driving music. Yay!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why I Love My Husband

Me: Michael! Can you come down here? PLEASE?!
Michael: (coming down the stairs) What is it?
Me: (pointing towards very small brown spider on bathroom wall) Can you please take care of it? I think it’s a brown recluse and it will bite me and I’ll die.
Me: I don’t want to die.
Michael: I don’t want you to die.
Michael: I thought brown recluses were big.
Me: I though they were small. Very small. If it bites me my flesh will turn all necrotic and rot off. (hands Michael a Dixie cup)
Michael: (catches spider in cup against wall)
(both stare at cup held up against wall)
Michael: I don’t have a piece of paper or anything to trap it in the cup.
Michelle: (runs and fetches a piece of cardboard)
Michelle: Thank you.

Why did he have to catch the spider? Why that would be my fault! I can’t stand for things to be killed, so the few insects and arachnids that escape the attention of the cats must be caught and released outside.

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More Time Wasting

For those of you who don’t read Whateveresque…

If I worked in space I’d be a biodome gardener.

Try and restrain your shock.

What job would you do in space?

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Time Wasting

It’s not paranoia if they reallly are out to get you, right?


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Danger! Attack Beavers!

While I’m sitting at the front desk, here’s a little something from Tanya.

Beware the beavers in Anchorage lake

First, there really needs to be an exclaimation point at the end of that headline.

Second, for those in the surrounding areas in Beaver, WV and Beaver Falls, PA: Beware! As if having to live somewhere with the name Beaver isn’t bad enough, now you can be attacked by your namesakes.

Either that or the beavers are tired of having their name stand for female naughty bits and are standing up for beaver pride.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hey! The Power’s Back On! Cool!

I got nothing. Have some visitor stats:

i hate microsoft
Who doesn’t?

where did japanese folk tales originate?
Wild ass guess? Japan.

acting in an unethical manner
See: Bush, President.

michelle 41
Good grief not YET! I’ve got 3 more years!

instructions chopsticks wrapper
I’d totally forgotten I had this on my website.

when washington admitted the union
Heh. And here we all thought our founding father was all straightlaced.

Now that is odd. Popbo was my name for my grandfather.

explain slime
Is there an explanation? If so, I’d like to know.

web standards microsoft
They don’t follow them. Any other questions?

pig hooey

frr gung f jul v ybir lbh.
Gung’f fb fjrrg! Gunax lbh!

dead squirrel poses
Come on, vogue!

men with red hair
Try “The Redheaded League”

rare football
Mars maybe. But between American football and the rest of the world football, it’s pretty much everyone on this planet.

Sbe inyhnoyr cevmrf!

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Well Trained?

I’m in training all day, for that software I was complaining about a couple weeks ago.

First session is over. We’ll see how the first half of the next session goes.

I may need to go get chocolate for lunch.

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