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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bumper Sticker

Saw this car in the grocery store parking lot and thought of Jim.


Now that’s a convincing message.

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Today’s Word

? noun (pl. pronounced same)
one of a number of women who sat and knitted while attending public executions during the French Revolution. origin French, from tricoter ?to knit?.

That’s very disconcerting that there’s a specific word for that.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging

Here is an excerpt of some silliness I made for my Dad while he was in the hospital.

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Is Dad Doing?

Dad is doing GREAT!

Saw his family doc this afternoon, who was surprised at how well he was doing. He tires easily, he’s still sore, and he’s lost a lot of weight (more than 40 pounds since summer) but in the grand scheme of things he’s doing great!

I won’t need to take any time off next week, because he’s perfectly fine to be home alone.

This is all a huge relief, and makes the chaos and panic of Christmas almost worth it, since this seems to have solved the problems he was having, and for the first time in awhile he seems back to himself, which is nice to see and hear.

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Driving in Morgantown

Some people (who shall remain named Nathan) have repeatedly mocked me for complaining about the traffic in Morgantown.

Lets first clarify a few things.

The population of Morgantown proper (and I live in the city) is 29,361 (up from 25,879 in 1990).

The population of Monongalia county is 87,516 (up from 75,509 in 1990).

(As a note, the population of WV is 1,814,468. All data from US census site.)

The full-time enrollment of WVU is 29,721. Even discounting townies who are also students, that’s pretty much the population of Morgantown. Many of which who have cars (this is why I see almost as many out-of-state license plates as I do in-state).

During the work week, we have an influx of more than 15k people. That’s half again the population of the city.

The capacity of Mountaineer field (in Morgantown proper) is 60,000. That’s more than twice the population of the city.

Although there has been some small effort in recent years to alleviate the congestion, you have to understand that most of the city proper is filled with two and three lane roads, (heck, I think I can probably name all the multi-lane roads [that aren’t one way] in Morgantown: South University, Beechhurst, Patterson Drive, VanVhooris, Chestnut Ridge Road, 705, The Mileground east of 705. Did I miss any? Maybe a mile section of the Kingwood Pike?) and even though there are back streets to take, those are not always an option when there is bad weather, due to the hills.

In other words, the current roads would be all well and good, if we didn’t have a regular major influx of population. Unfortunately, we do have that influx, and it’s like pulling teeth to get anything done about it.

ADDENDUM the First:
Here’s the terrain of Morgantown.

View Larger Map

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why I Can’t Get Anything Done Today

Taken on my laptop camera:


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tasty Tuesday: Potato Soup

Kim asked, and as I just made two batches, here’s the recipe.

Potato Soup
4 cups of hot broth (vegetable, chicken, or turkey)
4 or 5 medium red potatoes, cubed
1 or 2 leeks, minced
3 tbsp olive oil
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper

Slice/mince the whites of the leeks. Greens can be saved for stock. Wash the red potatoes and cube them. Do NOT peel. Potato skins are healthy and yummy.

Heat olive oil in soup pot over medium heat. Saute leeks until soft. Add salt and pepper until it smells nice. Add potatoes and continue to saute until you’re tired of stirring. Add 4 cups of hot broth. Cook over medium heat until potatoes are kind of soft/it starts to smell like soup.

Puree the soup in the blender.

Add more pepper to taste, if necessary.

Serve with bread and butter.


Michael hates my recipes.

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Tasty Tuesday: Soup

Looks like I’m going to be making soup to take out to my Dad, while I’m waiting for roads to clear enough for me to get out to my parent’s house.

I’m definitely going to make potato soup, and I’m also thinking corn chowder. Maybe a loaf of whole wheat bread while I’m at it.

I’ll let you know.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy Year of the Ox!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still Mending–But Slower Than He Thought

Dad is still doing well. He got put on a liquid diet today, so that’s a step up. They also removed his Foley Catheter and his epidural.

He was delighted they removed the catheter (as were well, but for a different reason) and although he was glad to have one less tube sticking into him, once they removed the epidural, he started to feel a lot more discomfort than he had previously.

Yesterday he was talking about going home Monday. After they took out the epidural, less talk of going home.

Also, since he has not yet eaten solid food, not too sure about him getting sent him.

So, we’ll see. I know Mom will be glad to get out of the hotel she’s in, and Brian, Michael and I will be glad to not have to drive to Wheeling, but I’d rather he stay in longer than go home too soon.

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