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Dead Heat, Audio Version

Monday, July 23, 2018

Dead Heat, Audio Version (2015) Patricia Briggs narrated by Holter Graham

I really like this entry into the Alpha & Omega series.

Charles and Anna head out to visit a friend of Charles’ who is dying, and to buy a horse for Anna from the family business.

The family is complicated, with the grandfather a werewolf and a Navajo who disapproves of his granddaughter-in-law because of her witch blood, and who wants Charles to forcibly change his son (Charles’ friend) so he doesn’t die.

There are also kids, but they are an integral part of the story, and, well, they’re kids.

“Shut your piehole, punk kid,” Max said, thumping her on the head with the palm of his hand.

“I’m telling Mama you said ‘Shut your piehole,’” Michael said. “‘Shut your piehole’ is a bad word.”

“‘Shut your piehole’ is three words, Michael,” said Mackie. Undaunted,

Michael said, “I’m telling Mama you used three bad words.”

That cracks me up every time.

And I still love this passage.

He was twelve when he told us he liked boys instead of girls. That was right after some friend of his got kicked out of his home for doing the same. Stupid people tossing away the most precious thing God saw fit to give them, I say.

I had more problems than in previous books with the narration, because I found it difficult to tell Charles, Hosteen, and Kage apart.

Plus he still pronounces “Marrock” wrong.

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

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