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Seven for a Secret

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seven for a Secret (2009) Elizabeth Bear

I made a mistake about a year ago. I signed up for Subterranean Press‘s e-mail news letter. Why was this a mistake? Because they’re publishing an awful lot of fantasy that I want to own.

My most recent arrival was Elizabeth Bear’s Seven for a Secret. Although Abagail Irene appears in Seven for a Secret, the main character returning from New Amsterdam is Sebastian. We get a bit of Abby Irene, but she’s now in her 80s, so it’s mostly Sebastian, and two new characters we meet, teens who are part of the Prussian Chancellor’s army.

Prussia is in control of England, the English prince is hiding out in the Americas, and Abby Irene has been allowed to return to England at the end of her life. There, she, Sebastian, and others are trying to find ways to overturn the Prussian government in England.

It was depressing to see Abby Irene so old and infirm–remember that it’s the early 20th century, so 80 is quite old–but she has few regrets, and Sebastian still loves her, despite her aging. This is actually a fascinating story, because although books with vampires often have them talking about watching their friends and loved ones grow old and die, in the books their companions are always young and beautiful. It’s one thing to have a character lament the again and death of their friends. It’s something else entirely to have that character interacting with their loved ones who are approaching the ends of their lives.

Even if you have not read New Amsterdam, you should be fine reading Seven for a Secret. Some characters carry over, but Abby Irene plays only a small part, and the two teens take on a larger and larger role as the story progresses. However, if you think you’d like to read New Amsterdam, you may want to hold off reading Seven for a Secret, since it gives away some of the plot of New Amsterdam.
Rating: 8/10

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