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Delayed Diagnosis

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Delayed Diagnosis (2001) Gwen Hunter

Dr. Rhea Lynch fled to Dawkins county South Carolina after her engagement fell apart. Returning home after a camping trip she discovers that her best friend is lying at home, seriously ill, and no one seems to know what happened, and her husband (also a doctor) is keeping her at home and refusing to allow any family or friends to see her.

“Is a doctor legally allowed to permit his patient to vegetate?”

I turned and looked at Mark, his face lit by the overhead lights. Choosing my words carefully, I said, “There is no law that governs the method of care given a patient in a particular medical situation. To create such a law would be to tie a doctor’s hands, legislate medical care, which is half art anyway. So, yes. A doctor can allow his patient to receive less than adequate care.

Looking into her friend’s state seems to have riled someone up, as bad things suddenly start happening.

“I didn’t look at Mark though I know he stared at me. “Did they take anything?”

“I don’t know. It’s your house. But there were some clean places in the dust, so I’d guess so.”

I liked the medical bits in the story, although I did find myself rather horrified at the conditions under which a rural ER doctor is expected to operate.

It was interesting, and I’m glad I read it, but I’m also glad I got it on sale.

Publisher: Bella Rosa Books

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