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Foxglove Summer, Audio Edition

Friday, December 14, 2018

Foxglove Summer, Audio Edition (2014) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

The fifth Rivers of London book.

Lesley is gone. Peter is a mess, but doesn’t realize it. So Nightingale sends him out to the country.

If I’d been about four ranks higher up the hierarchy I’d have regarded it as an opportunity to realize additional intelligence assets through enhanced stakeholder engagement. But I’m just a constable so I didn’t.

As an architect Erith might have been a progressive classicist, but he shared with his contemporaries the same failure to understand that you need to be able to open the oven door without having to leave the kitchen first.

When dealing with the law, having a mysterious past is contraindicated.

The problem was that once the government pushed through its major cuts in policing, a lot of officers had got the notion that they might be able to unload anything even vaguely weird onto us.

“Although it is noticeable,” Nightingale had pointed out, “that this never happens if the officer concerned has worked with us before.”

All your cases, I thought, do not belong to us.

I asked what the weapon had been like.

“At least sixty centimeters long, circular cross section and tapering to a sharp point,” said Dr. Walid. “Possibly a spiral configuration.”

“Like a narwhale’s horn?”

“Aye,” said Dr. Walid. “Just like that.”

“So you think it’s a unicorn?” “

I wouldn’t like to jump to conclusions,” he said. “Not without more evidence.”


“If you achieve nothing else,” he said, “get me a tissue sample.”

This series is so fun. And I utterly adore Kobna Holdbrook Smith.

Publisher: DAW
Rating: 10/10

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