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Rivers of London: Water Weed

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Rivers of London Vol. 6: Water Weed (2018) Ben Aaranovitch Andrew Cartmel

These are getting more and more frustrating, because they’re become less good with each comic story-line.

The problem is that the stories aren’t forwarding the story or the characters at all–they’re just what the characters happen to be working on while he’s writing the next book.

The first couple were fun, because we were getting glimpses of what Nightingale and Molly and even Toby were doing when Peter wasn’t around (I particularly liked the bits about Molly). But now, the past couple stories–including this one–don’t seem to be taking the story anywhere, and they just aren’t very interesting.

I don’t care what Bev’s little sisters are doing. I don’t care about this specific case, since we’re not really learning anything about Peter in it.

If he just wants to fill space, I’d rather be leaning more about Father Thames sons. Or about Mother Thames. Or the rivers near the Welsh border. Or the Quiet People. Or the gentleman who works for the underground. Any of those would have fascinating back stories, but instead we get a boring case Peter is working on.


Published by Titan Comics
Rating: 5/10

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