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The Hell You Say

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Hell You Say (2011) Josh Lanyon

Adrien’s assistant is in trouble. He’s been getting threatening phone call of an occult nature–bad enough that Adrien gives him some money and tells him to leave town.

Meanwhile, Jake is involved in a case that might involve the occult, and is irritated that Adrien sent Angus away without learning where he was going, because Jake would like to talk to someone involved in the occult.

But that’s not really Jake’s biggest problem.

Jake was deeply closeted. He claimed it was because he was a cop — that the job was tough enough without having to go to war with the guys who were supposed to be on your side — but I’d come to believe that it was more complicated. Jake despised himself for being sexually attracted to men.

In the meantime, something seems a little off during the signing of a popular mystery author, and people have decided to come looking for Angus.

“Help me understand. Are you telling me you joined this group and you…sold your soul to Satan?”

“No. Of course not. We all made a pledge to serve His Grace. In return, He will grant us whatever we want. Money. Great jobs. Beautiful women.”

Angus got Wanda and ten dollars an hour at Cloak and Dagger. Maybe he should ask for his soul back.

This book does not end cleanly.

Just so you know.

The mystery is solved, but Jake and Adrien are over. Which came as a bit of a surprise.

“You’re not seeing anyone?” I asked, against my better judgment.

He replied, as though stating it for the record, “I’m not involved in a serious monogamous relationship.”

I was, but it was apparently a solo effort.

But it shouldn’t have, because clearly Jake is bent on remaining in the closet, and it’s not fair to Adrien to have to hide their relationships.

Also: Adrien’s mother has decided to remarry, and Adrien is soon to have three new sisters.

Did these people know I was gay? Was that going to be a problem? Not that I gave a damn what they thought, but if Lisa had her heart set on this, I sure as hell didn’t want to be the deal breaker.

I really disliked Jake by the end of this book.

Publisher: Just Joshin
Rating: 7/10

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