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Skim Blood and Savage Verse

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Skim Blood and Savage Verse (2017) Angel Martinez

I’m glad the series didn’t start here, because I wouldn’t have read any of the other books.

Carrington Loveless is the senior member of the 77th precinct–part of a group of paranormal police officers seen as broken by the “regular” paranormal law enforcement. And their office is odd. None of the officers have normal (or even useful) talents, and there are several unofficial members, including and animated leather jacket and a creature that might be an alien caterpillar.

Carrington himself is a vampire who can actually (carefully) go out in the sun, and who can’t drink whole blood. He is also attracted to exactly the wrong type of men, regularly getting his heart broken.

What was that for?”

“For being an idiot. God. I thought we were gonna have to get a mop for all the drool.”

Carrington stared wistfully at the storefront as they pulled away. “He was nice to look at.”

“Damn it, Carr! Did you hear him? How many I’s and me’s can one guy fit into a conversation? Freaking walking ego on a stick. And that store? It was everything you hate in a bookstore.”

The problem here is that I like Carrington’s partner, Amanda, far more than I like the vampire. He’s annoying.

I like the fact that he’s different. I like the mystery and the threat of attack books. I just don’t like Carrington.

“Manda… I’m sorry.”

Amanda stopped in mid-stride on her way out of the room and pinned him with her best glare. “Don’t start. If it’s about your mom, you’re not her keeper and you can’t make her like me. If it’s about getting me to come today, I had some great food. If it’s about not being the world’s best vamp and being a sucky partner again, shut it. Not doing this with you today.”

There is something interesting I noted.

“Mr. Graham, we’re from the 77th. The paranormal crimes unit.”

“Erasmus, please.” He led them back to a desk and produced enough chairs for everyone to sit. “I do hear about your unit sometimes. My mom’s wife’s cousin is your department commander.”

“Oh, thank freaking jam on toast,” Amanda said. “Explaining us first takes longer than the interview sometimes.”

Some of the characters don’t curse–or don’t regularly curse. For a book that has explicit boinking, that amuses me greatly, even if it IS logical, lots of people don’t curse.

But as I said, I just don’t care for Carrington, so that made the book far less enjoyable than it might have been otherwise.

Publisher: Pride Publishing
Rating: 6.5/10

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