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Suffer Little Children

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Suffer Little Children (1995) Peter Tremayne

Suffer Little ChildrenSet in England in 665

Sister Fidelma has been summoned by the dying King of Muman, to act as an advocate to see who killed the scholar Dacan, who had been visiting the Abbey of Ros Ailithir. The matter is important, because Fearna is trying to use the death to regain territory.

At first, it seems as if too much time has passed for Fidelma to find the murderer, but events seem to show that it’s still an active problem.

Tóla looked serious for the first time during their conversation. ‘There were no bruises that I saw. It did not occur to me …’ He paused and grimaced in annoyance.

‘What?’ demanded Fidelma.

‘I am incompetent,’ sighed Tóla.

‘Why so?’

‘I should have asked this very question at the time but I did not.

The world of 7th century Ireland is so very unexpected to the modern reader.

I do not believe that man sets out purposely to commit injustice. He always does it because he is blinded by some distorted image of a perceived morality, or of a just cause.’

(N)o one, especially no woman, should put up with verbal abuse from others. The Bretha Nemed makes it an offence in law for a woman to be harassed and especially to be verbally assaulted.

Publisher: Minotaur Books

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