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Friday, March 29, 2019

Transposition (2018) Gregory Ashe

Emery Hazard and his partner, John-Henry Somerset, are a mess.

I’m making steak a lo pobre. And potatoes. And salad.”

Stomach rumbling, Hazard said, “I’ll take the first two.”

“And a salad. I’ve seen your refrigerator. Do you and Somers even own anything that grew in the sun?”

“Does hamburger count?”

It’s almost Thanksgiving, but Somers takes the last call of the day, which ends with Hazard and Somers trapped in a mansion. With a murderer.

If these books were not self-published and inexpensive, I’d be screaming louder about the editing.

Or more accurately, the lack of editing.


Yet the story is so good I can’t stop reading, even as I’m going back and trying to figure out continuity errors.

But only one thing really really pissed me off, and that was Hazard getting concussed, and Somers making him go to sleep.

Seriously. Who in the world doesn’t know that you keep someone awake after a concussion, at least if you want to be sure they wake up again?

Both Hazards and Somers are badly damaged, which keeps me from hating Somers. Even as I want Hazard to Stay. Away.
Rating: 6/10

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