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High Stakes Trial

Friday, May 31, 2019

High Stakes Trial (2019) Mindy Klasky

Sarah has been indicted for the murder of the judge for whom she worked, and her boss has disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving her with a temporary security head who uses dog breeds as curses.

Sarah has been seeing Chris, the head of the local sphinxes , but the Den doesn’t trust her, and still doesn’t truly believe she is really a sphinx, so along with everything else Sarah begins a quest to discover who her true father is.

The start of this book fixes one of the problems I had at the end of the second book, but did have problems of its own, namely, how quickly everyone turns on Sarah after she is indicted. Yeah, of course her temporary boss was looking for excuses, but the other members of the Night Court? Humph.

There were bits of the story and world building that I loved.

But there was a third category of cases— actions against individual items. It sounded strange, but a case could actually be filed against an individual parcel of land.

Not long ago, there’d been a series of actions against an absentee vampire’s multiple sanctums, when the missing occupant had ostentatiously failed to safeguard the properties from prying mundane eyes, putting the entire Empire at risk of discovery. A gnome’s axe had been sued when it was left behind after cutting down a dryad’s grove, with no elemental owner in sight.

Not many of those cases were filed in any given year. Their names were odd: The Clans of the Eastern Empire v. A Cast-Iron Witch’s Cauldron. The Clans of the Eastern Empire v. 1527 Massachusetts Ave.

I love the whole idea of that.

The mystery was okay, but I had multiple problems with the final show-down–and the lack of long-term fall-out from it.

Publisher: Book View Cafe

Rating: 7/10

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