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Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft (2006/2015) Mindy Klasky (Jane Madison)

Jane Madison is a research librarian at a private library, which has been struggling to make ends meet (by such ventures as selling expensive fancy coffees), but things seem to have gotten worse when her boss tells her that her salary is being cut by 25%–but in compensation she’ll get to live rent free in the little cottage on the property.

In this cottage Jane discovers a stash of books and that she is a witch–and that being a witch comes with rules and responsibilities.

And a warder.

“So you were just sitting there… where? Collecting astral unemployment?”

David grimaced at the word “astral.” “Let’s just say I was on assignment.”

“On assignment?”

“A detail.”

Jane is somewhat aggravating, in that she makes really really bad life choices. Choices that seem obviously terrible, such as turning her Imaginary Boyfriend into a real boyfriend.

I did really enjoy Melissa and her first-date horror stories. Those were pretty hilarious.

“Michael-the-doctor is a proponent of natural digestion.”

Even Clara was taken off guard by that one. “Natural digestion? As opposed to what? Swallowing a bunch of enzymes and jumping up and down?”

It wasn’t that the story was bad, but several things came out of left field (like Clara), and Jane was just a complete idiot over Imaginary Boyfriend. As someone who made loads of poor dating choices in her youth, it felt like at her age Jane should have been making better choices.

But, I did read book two.

Publisher: Res Ipsa Press
Rating: 7/10

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