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Fables Vol 3: Storybook Love

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fables Vol 3: Storybook Love (2004) Bill Willingham

So apparently I lied. I must pay at least some attention to the artwork in graphic novels, because I really hate the way that Bigby looks in the middle stories here. The way he looks as a wolf is great. I quite like it. But as a human? Ick. They made him look like an orc. I kept seeing at him and wondering what new character this guy was, because he didn’t look a thing like Bigby had in previous stories. Which is rather strange, because I was fine with the way that characters like Bluebeard and Goldilocks were drawn.

Aside from that small issue, however, I enjoyed Fables: Storybook Love. I liked Briar Rose, although I’d wished she’d stood up a bit more to Prince Charming. But then I suppose that not everyone can be as strong as Snow White is in these stories.

The stories in the beginning and the end of the collection were interesting. I especially liked the last story, “Barleycorn Brides.” It was a contained tale, yet gave information on the homelands and their attack and control by the adversary. And I liked the Lilliputians, and was glad they got a whole story after their brave actions in the earlier stories.

I couldn’t decide if I missed Rose Red or not. It would be nice if she and Snow White worked things out, but I suppose that she needs some time to sort herself out.

A nice installment in the series, and I’m quite enjoying it, but I’m also wondering how much longer it will be before the fables start a campaign against the Adversary to retake the homelands. And I don’t see that being resolved in one book.
Rating: 7/10

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