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Cry Wolf

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cry Wolf (2008) Patricia Briggs

Cry WolfAnna was rescued from her abusive pack in Chicago, and is now mated to Charles Cornick–the son of the Marrok. But she is still try to deal with the abuse she suffered in Chicago while learning to trust Charles.

Unfortunately, troubles won’t wait for Charles to recover from the injuries he suffered in Chicago. There is a rogue wolf in the wilderness at the end of Bran’s territory who is attacking and killing humans.

Bran sends Charles and Anna out, but what he doesn’t know is that what is out there isn’t a simple rogue, but a monster that has been haunting Asil, the Moor, for centuries.

One of my favorite things about this series is Asil.

They’re pretty, and they smell good, better than most flowers. Asil has a hothouse, and he seldom cuts the blooms from his plants. He was grateful for your help this morning, or he wouldn’t have done it.

Asil’s mate has been dead for two centuries, yet he still loves and mourns her.

Sarai had often thumped him soundly on the head for looking at other women, though she’d known he’d never stray. Now that she was gone, he seldom even looked. Flirting didn’t make him feel disloyal to his dead mate, but he’d found he missed that thump too badly.

It’s not healthy, his mourning, but it is understandable.

But really, I adore Asil.

He set his seldom-used alarm for 12: 01 A.M. Bran might have ordered him to stay here until morning, but Asil could interpret “morning” as he chose.

Yes yes, the main story between Charles and Anna is nice. But Asil remains my favorite part of this story.

Publisher: Ace
Rating: 8/10

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