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Fables Vol 13: The Great Fables Crossover

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fables Vol 13: The Great Fables Crossover

This was apparently my week to be disappointed in my reading choices.

I love Fables. I really do. I’ve avidly awaited every volume, especially as the War with the Adversary came to a head.

However, I never much cared for the Jack spin-off, and actually gave up on it, as Jack annoyed me to the point I didn’t enjoy the story.

Jack has not improved with time. He is still a complete asshole, and I see how he is supposed to be funny, however, instead of amusing, he sets my teeth on edge.

I thought the parts with Snow and Bigby were interesting, but not strong enough to save the story from Jack, who I’d just like to kick in the teeth.


Additionally, the Fables portion of the story is pretty much put on hold. Which isn’t a bad thing per se, since the series was quite heavy there for awhile, but I believe I would have preferred almost anything to spending more time with Jack.

The only good thing about this crossover story is that it’s made me certain that I do not want to go back and read any more of the Jack stories.
Rating: 6/10

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