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The Heavenly Fox

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Heavenly Fox (2011) Richard Parks

A fox who reaches the age of fifty gains the ability to transform into a human woman. A fox who reaches the age of one hundred can transform into either a beautiful young girl or a handsome young man at will and can sense the world around them to a distance of over four hundred leagues. A fox who reaches the age of one thousand years, however, becomes a Heavenly Fox, an Immortal of great power, able to commune with the gods themselves.

That blurb seems the easiest way to explain the mythology.

Springshadow is a fox who is days away from becoming immortal. There is a price to pay for immortality: she must steal the chi of mortal men, but she has tried very hard not to kill those men.

I had not idea what to expect from this story, and with no expectations, the story simply unfolded before me, something I enjoyed.

Please be aware that this is a novella, so it’s a slim book a few hundred pages long. One could hope that this will at some point be available in an eBook edition, so the price is a little less steep.
Rating: 8/10

Published by PS Publishing

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