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Fables Vol 8: Wolves

Friday, December 22, 2006

Fables: Vol 8 Wolves (2006) Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha

It actually took me awhile to realize that this was Volume 8, rather than another stand alone book. It should have been obvious–after all, it’s been 6 months, so it’s time for another collection, but everything I saw simply said Wolves and not Volume 8 of the Fables series. But it is Volume 8, and I’m happy, because I have definitely been waiting for this collection.

The book begins with Mowgli searching Russia for Bigby, who has been gone for quite awhile now. That story is interspersed with how Snow is coping with life on the Farm with her children, and how her children are learning to cope with and manage their powers.

As far as the story arc goes, the situation between Bigby and Snow is finally resolved. Although there is a lull in the fighting with the Adversary–at least in Fabletown–things are still simmering, and the respite from war will probably only be a brief one. (However, certain story lines lead one to believe that things with the Adversary will change one way or the other, and relatively soon.)

As far as the art work, I still don’t like the smooshed up face Bigby, although it is better towards the end of the story. I also missed the decorations/designs/drawings along the sides of the pages. There weren’t any stories in this collection with the edge drawings, and I found that I rather missed them.

If you haven’t been reading Fables, this probably isn’t the place to start. However, it is an excellent continuation of the series, and I can once again strongly recommend starting the series if you have not already.
Rating: 7/10

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