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The Masqueraders

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Masqueraders (1928) Georgette Heyer

The-MasqueradersSet in England in the mid 1740s

Kate and Peter Merriot are returning to England, the country of their birth, to meet with their father. But they have a secret: they are fleeing after the failure of the latest Jacobite revolution, and are in disguise, to remain safe, and have changed places, Robin becoming Kate and Prudence becoming Peter.

This is a fun book, but I had forgotten how irritating and obnoxious their father is. Luckily, there isn’t that much of him, and he truly would have to have been the character depicted to pull off the stunts he did.

But mostly, these books are fun and fascinating.

Mr Belfort went hurrying off to confer with Mr Devereux, whom he found writing execrable verse to a lady of uncertain morals.

There was also an interesting bit that quite clearly displays what modern science has recently determined–that eye witnesses are unreliable.

Prudence began to ask questions, and received a multitude of answers. One man swore to two enormous ruffians; another described one small villain, and one huge one and the third man had no very clear idea of anything save that Miss Grayson’s pearls had been torn from her neck by a fellow who held a pistol to her head. There was some argument over this: not one of the braves could agree with another’s version.

Interesting for a book set in the 18th century and published in 1928.

As always, there are lots of fascinating words:

Fun and entertaining, as always.
Rating: 9/10

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