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Hellboy Vol 6: Strange Places

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hellboy Vol 6: Strange Places (2006) Mike Mignola

Hellboy was gone for awhile–a couple years. Strange Places tells us where he was during that time.

Nowhere good.

He travels to Africa to talk to a shaman, gets nailed by an evil undersea witch, spends time hanging out with some dead sailors, and learns some of his origin and the history of his hand.

Plus, he dies.

Now I’m trying to get the Hellboy/BPRD comics in sequences. I’m not sure what–if any–overlap there will be, but I’d like to keep things in order. Although there was some allusion to events in the BPRD series, there was no direct link; as Hellboy has remained incommunicado, so the reader is not expected to know or understand what has happened to his friends in the BPRD.
Rating: 7/10

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