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Stalking the Angel

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Stalking the Angel (1989) Robert Crais

Elvis Cole is hired to find an ancient Japanese manuscript stolen from the home of a prominent businessman. Unfortunately for Cole, the husband is an asshole and the wife makes it clear she doesn’t like her husband and what he does. And caught in the middle of all that is a teenager daughter. The theft pulls him into the Asian criminal gangs operating in LA.

Now I remember why I enjoyed this series so much.

Elvis Cole is irreverent and snarky and this book opens with just how irreverent he can be.

I was standing on my head in the middle of my office when the door opened and the best looking woman I’d seen in three weeks walked in. She stopped in the door to stare, then remembered herself and moved aside for a grim-faced man who frowned when he saw me.

Another thing this story does is reminds you of his daily routine–that he starts out the day working out. His choices are yoga and various martial arts, but it’s there to let you know that he works to be fit and about to fight.

This makes me laugh, although I wonder if anyone younger than me would get it.

Two guys came in from the L.A. County Medical Examiners Office, but neither of them looked like Jack Klugman.

This story also explains why Elvis Cole is the way he is, with an office full of Disney memorabilia and an attitude of refusing to take anything series.

Ever since Nam, you’ve worked hard to hang onto the childhood part of yourself. Only here’s a kid who never had a childhood and you wanted to get some for her before it was too late.

Since this book was published almost 30 years ago, I don’t really fear spoilers.
Rating: 8.5/10

Published by Bantam

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