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Band Sinister

Band Sinister (2018) K.J. Charles Set in England in the 1800s. This is probably the sweetest KC Charles book I’ve read. It’s a M/M romance, and there is boinking, but there is less boinking than I’ve come to expect, and I absolutely adore the main characters. Guy Frisby and his sister Amanda live in seclusion. […]

Deadly Assessments

Deadly Assessments (2018) Drew Hayes I thought this might have been the last book in the series, but apparently he’s writing another. That’s cool on multiple accounts. 1) I’m enjoying this series and wouldn’t mind another book and 2) this book ended cleanly and I’ve have been content if there wasn’t another book (AKA, no […]

Treacherous Is the Night

Treacherous Is the Night (2018) Anna Lee Huber Set in Europe in 1919. The second Verity Kent story finds Verity and her husband trying to come to terms with each other–and decide if their marriage will survive his letting her think he was dead for more than a year. I was still coming to grips […]

Bloody Acquisitions

Bloody Acquisitions (2016) Drew Hayes This is the third Fred the Vampire Accountant book. This is such a fun and silly series. (I)n life my reaction speed was always somewhere between “abysmal” and “for the love of heaven don’t let Fred hold anything too valuable.” The walk to the inn took around ten minutes, but […]

Dead Men’s Boots, Audio Edition

Dead Men’s Boots, Audio Edition (2007/2009) Mike Carey narrated by Michael Kramer The third Felix Castor book finds Fix attending the funeral of a fellow exorcist–one whose calls Felix ignored. The widow asks Felix for help, which draws him into a mystery that John had been trying to solve–and may have gotten him killed. I’m […]

Undeath & Taxes

Undeath & Taxes (2015) Drew Hayes This is really five novellas making a single book, which is absolutely perfect IMO. Each of the stories within the book are a complete package all wrapped up, although with bit that carry from tale to tale. Fred is a vampire. But before even that, he is an accountant. […]

The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant

The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant (2014) Drew Hayes Often after finishing a book that I really enjoy, I am at a loss as to what I want to read next. Something completely and totally different typically works best. This was perfect for that. I recorded my journeys in the […]

Gilded Deceit

Gilded Deceit (2017) Tracy Grant Set in Europe on Lake Como in 1818 This is book 13, and follows immediately upon the events of the previous novella. Malcolm and Melanie have fled England. Lord Carfax has threatened to expose Melanie’s past, so to protect her–and the whole family–they’ve left for Italy, with Raoul, Laura, and […]

Hex and the City, Audio Edition

Hex and the City, Audio Edition (2005/2008) Simon R Green narrated by Marc Vietor The fourth Nightside book finds John Taylor taking a case to look into something he always wanted to know: the origin of The Nightside. Unfortunately, neither his enemies nor the current authorities want John looking into the past of the Nightside–or […]

Nightingale’s Lament, Audio Edition

Nightingale’s Lament, Audio Edition (2004/2008) Simon R Green narrated by Marc Vietor Because I like to make things difficult for myself, while Michael and I are listening to the Felix Castor series in the car, my exercise / baking / cooking series is Simon Green’s Nightside. Both have a smart-ass protagonist who wears a long […]

Vicious Circle, Audio Edition

Vicious Circle, Audio Edition (2006/2008) Mike Carey narrated by Michael Kramer Since Felix is not longer comfortable doing exorcisms, he’s been acting as a consultant for the Met–reading murder scenes to see if he can get an idea of what happened. After reading a particularly brutal murder, he then has to go to the Stanger, […]

Lord of Scoundrels

Lord of Scoundrels (1994) Loretta Chase Set in France and England in 1828. The book opens in 1793 with the marriage of the Marquess of Dain to Lucia Usignuolo, a wealthy Florentine aristocrat. The marriage is a disaster, and the result of that union is disdained by his father, and left basically alone after his […]

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (2017) Mackenzi Lee Set in Europe in the 1700s Henry “Monty” Montague is a rake. He was kicked out of Eton, is constantly in drunk, and is the despair of his parents. He is also in love with his best friend, Percy. In a last ditch attempt at […]

Agents Of Light And Darkness, Audio Edition

Agents Of Light And Darkness, Audio Edition (2003/2008) Simon R. Green narrated by Marc Vietor Angels have come to the Nightside searching for the Unholy Grail–the cup Judas drank from at the Last Supper. Before the entire Nightside is destroyed, John Taylor is hired to find the Grail so it can be taken to the […]

The Pilgrim of Hate

The Pilgrim of Hate (1984) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1141 It’s been four years since the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul brought the bones of Saint Winifred (or so they thought) to Shrewsbury, and the abbey is holding a festival for her, with pilgrims coming to pray for miracles. While to […]

Dead Man’s Ransom

Dead Man’s Ransom (1984) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1141. The war between Stephen and Maud still flares across the countryside, and in one of the battles Gilbert Prestcote, the sheriff of Shrewsbury, is wounded and taken prisoner by the Welsh. Meanwhile, a band of Welsh raiders have been attacking the countryside, and one […]

Spectred Isle

Spectred Isle (2017) K.J. Charles Set in London in 1823 Archaeologist Saul Lazenby was disgraced during the way, and the only work he has been able to find is working for a retired Major with an interest in finding historical places and items with supernatural significance. Saul believes none of this, but is glad for […]

Unfit to Print

Unfit to Print (2018) K.J. Charles Gil is the son of a wealthy man and that man’s housemaid, but unlike many, Mr Lawes claimed his son. Gil had spent his childhood here under his father’s carelessly affectionate eye. The old man might have played the fool, or the knave, with his housemaid, but he had […]


Venetia (1958) Georgette Heyer Set in England in 1818 (guessed from death of the queen) The first meeting of the two is problematic–Damerel grabs Venetia and kisses her. He does stop when he resists, and it’s not like such things were uncommon, but… it’s distressing to modern sensibilities. Aside from that, I quite liked it. […]

A Fashionable Indulgence

A Fashionable Indulgence (2016) K. J. Charles Set in London in 1819 As I continue to read backwards through this series, we come to the story of Justin and Harry. Harry’s father was disowned by his family, and took his wife’s name, Gordon. The family ended up on the continent when they were charged with […]

The Reluctant Widow

The Reluctant Widow (1946) Georgette Heyer Set in Regency England Elinor has set out to take a position as a governess–her father’s ruin and death left her to make her own way in the world–at this point hiring out as a governess. Unfortunately, Lord Carlyon believes her to have answered her advertisement, which is not […]

A Seditious Affair

A Seditious Affair (2016) K. J. Charles Set in London in 1819 This is the second book, in the series I am reading backwards. I read the first chapter a couple months ago, and put it down, because I wasn’t comfortable reading about BDSM. I mean, reading boinking passages in romance embarrasses me. BDSM? (turns […]


Cotillion (1953) Georgette Heyer Kitty was adopted by Mr Penicuik, and now he is elderly, he wants to make sure she is provided for, but doesn’t want to cut his great-nephews out of his will entirely. However, he is a crotchety, cranky old man, and his method of deciding who to leave his fortune to […]

The Devil You Know, Audio Edition

The Devil You Know, Audio Edition (2006/2007) Mike Carey narrated by Michael Kramer We’re now listening to the Felix Castor series while traveling. Michael doesn’t remember if he read the books or not, and he’s also not sure whether he likes Castor or not, but he wanted to listen to the next book. One of […]

The Devil’s Novice

The Devil’s Novice (1983) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1140. One of the most interesting things about this story was the issue of oblates. The other two, infant oblates given to God by their parents, are already twelve and ten years old, and are settled and happy among us, it would be ill-done to […]

The Sanctuary Sparrow

The Sanctuary Sparrow (1983) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1140 A young man is chased to the church by a mob howling for his blood, claiming he murdered the goldsmith at his son’s wedding. “If the law itself were here, there is no power can now take away this man from the sanctuary he […]

The Virgin in the Ice

The Virgin in the Ice (1982) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1139 Civil war still burns across the country. When the town of Worcester is razed by the supporters of Maud, people spread out through the county, seeking refuge from the both the soldiers and the winter. In this chaos are lost two siblings […]

The Leper of Saint Giles

The Leper of Saint Giles (1981) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1139. Brother Cadfael is taking medicines to the leper hospice when the trains of the soon to be married older man and young woman come by. The man leaves much to be desired. He had drawn close enough now to observe what manner […]

Something from the Nightside, Audio Book

Something from the Nightside, Audio Book (2003/2008) Simon R. Green narrated by Marc Vietor Ah, John Bloody Taylor, how the Nightside has missed you. I saw myself as a knight-errant . . . but the damsel in distress stabbed me in the back, my sword shattered on the dragon’s hide, and my grail turned out […]

Practically Wicked

Practically Wicked (2016) Alissa Johnson Set in England in the 1800s. Anna Rees is the illegitimate daughter of an infamous woman of the demi-monde. Everyone knows of her, but no one has spent more than a few minutes in her company. And Anna mostly likes that, since she does NOT like being paraded around by […]

A Deeper Sleep, Audio Version

A Deeper Sleep, Audio Version (2007) Dana Stabenow narrated by Bernadette Dunne Louis Deem has been getting away with murder for years. He’s killed three wives, but has gotten off every time; no jury in the park is willing to risk his retribution. Kate Shugak and every other decent person wants him locked away–wants young […]

An Unexpected Gentleman

An Unexpected Gentleman (2011) Alissa Johnson Set in Scotland in the 1800s. Connor Brice wants nothing more from the world than revenge against his half brother, Robert Maxwell. Breaking up Robert’s probable engagement to Adelaide would give him the best of both worlds. Sir Robert had held his ground in the garden longer than expected […]

Nearly a Lady

Nearly a Lady (2011) Alissa Johnson Set in Scotland Trying to figure out what I wanted to read next, I remembered I had a new Alissa Johnson, but couldn’t remember which book in the series came first, so I picked one, started reading, and realized this is the one I’d read. Perhaps I’ll just read […]

Saint Peter’s Fair

Saint Peter’s Fair (1981) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1139 The Abbey is having it’s annual horse fail–Saint Peter’s Fair–and the merchants of the town of Shrewsbury are unhappy, for unlike the abbey, the town took damage the previous year when King Stephen took the town, and the Abbey takes the revenue and taxes […]

Fire Touched

Fire Touched (2016) Patricia Briggs Another re-read because the library doesn’t have the audio version of this book available, and BY GUM I have to have all material fresh in my mind before going onto the final book. It starts when Mercy and Adam receive calls at the same time. “I don’t know if you […]