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The Hermit of Eyton Forest

The Hermit of Eyton Forest (1987) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1142 The 14th Brother Cadfael mystery. “There’s no end to the follies any man can commit.” (A) big, burly, thrusting man, his face abruptly lit as he swung past the torch fixed at the gate, and then as abruptly darkened. A massive face, […]

Devil in Spring

Devil in Spring (2017) Lisa Kleypas Set in London in 1876 Lady Pandora Ravenel doesn’t want to marry. She wants to make board games and live on her own, because women lose all their right as soon as they marry. But when she’s found in a compromising position with Gabriel, Lord St. Vincent, he is […]

Lies Sleeping

Lies Sleeping (2018) Ben Aaronovitch This is the seventh Rivers of London novel. And it’s set in 2014, because the story moved slower than real publishing time. You can read this if you haven’t read the novella or comics, but if you haven’t read the previous books? Forget it. The story opens with the following […]

The Phoenix Illusion

The Phoenix Illusion (2018) Lisa Shearin The 6th SPI Files book finds Mac and and her friends celebrating when a house suddenly appears in an empty lot–and catches on fire. More distressingly, the house that appeared is Rake’s, and it’s from his homeworld (which isn’t Earth). First, Mac remains one of my favorite fictional law […]

The Hanging Tree, Audio Edition

The Hanging Tree, Audio Edition (2017) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith Now I’m all caught up on Peter Grant and ready to read the newest book. One of Lady Ty’s daughters has gotten into trouble, and she has called Peter to ask for his help in solving a problem. “Peter,” said Lady Ty, “Nightingale […]

The Furthest Station, Audio Edition

The Furthest Station, Audio Edition (2017) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith This actually comes after The Hanging Tree, but I ended up reading it prior, and it didn’t matter. This is a novella that features Abigail as much as it does Peter, which I really enjoyed, since I love little bits, like this conversation […]

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood (2013) Wilkie Martin I actually had a great deal off trouble with this book. At the start of the story, the narrator is an idiot AND rather unlikable. Unlikable enough that about a third of the way through I was thinking, “if this guy remains this much of an asshole […]

The Rose Rent

The Rose Rent (1986) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1142. The thirteenth Brother Cadfael mystery. The young widow Perle gave her house to the abbey after the death of her husband and unborn child with the caveat that every year on St Winnifred’s day she receive a single rose from the bush in the […]

The Hollow of Fear

The Hollow of Fear (2018) Sherry Thomas The third Lady Sherlock Mystery. Society is still searching for Charlotte Holmes–and treating her sister Livia with the suspicion of one closely related to a scandal. So Livia is glad to escape to the country home of Mrs Newell–who happens to be a near neighbor of Lord Ingram. […]

Foxglove Summer, Audio Edition

Foxglove Summer, Audio Edition () Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith The fifth Rivers of London book. Lesley is gone. Peter is a mess, but doesn’t realize it. So Nightingale sends him out to the country. If I’d been about four ranks higher up the hierarchy I’d have regarded it as an opportunity to realize […]

Grave Concerns

Grave Concerns (2004) Gwen Hunter The fourth (and last) Dr Rhea Lynch mystery. A lot happened in this book, including Rhea finally deciding if she truly loved Mark or not. Several things here. One, I don’t particularly like Mark. Two, ELI! He’s not precisely the Eli of the Jane books, but he is very very […]

Broken Homes, Audio Version

Broken Homes, Audio Version (2013) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith First, we meet Varvara Sidorovna. “Nochnye Koldunyi,” said Nightingale. “A Night Witch.” “Is that like a person or another thing?” asked Lesley. “Like Peter’s Pale Lady?” “A type of Russian practitioner,” said Nightingale. “Recruited during the war, the training had a very narrow scope. […]

Deadly Remedy

Deadly Remedy (2003) Gwen Hunter The third Dr. Rhea Lynch mystery. A faith healer has come to down, and that means work for Dr. Rhea, when people get heat stroke or do stupid things like stopping their medicines. But it’s the case of a quadriplegic that is most interesting–a teen who broke her spine in […]

Prescribed Danger

Prescribed Danger (2002) Gwen Hunter The second Dr. Rhea Lynch mystery. A couple is rushed to the ER after having escaped from captivity. The woman is in labor and her health makes everyone involved concerned. When it is discovered the couple were forcibly tattooed with racist images, things go from bad to worse. This is […]

Whispers Under Ground, Audio Edition

Whispers Under Ground, Audio Edition (2012) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith The third book finds Lesley May moved into the Folly, having become the newest apprentice (it’s understood this is allows only because of the damage done to her in the first book). A body is found in the Underground, and as much as […]

Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed Diagnosis (2001) Gwen Hunter Dr. Rhea Lynch fled to Dawkins county South Carolina after her engagement fell apart. Returning home after a camping trip she discovers that her best friend is lying at home, seriously ill, and no one seems to know what happened, and her husband (also a doctor) is keeping her at […]

A Blunt Instrument

A Blunt Instrument (1938) Georgette Heyer The 4th Inspector Hannasyde mystery. Ernest Fletcher seems to have been a likable man, so his death–bludgeoned to death in his story–came as a surprise to everyone. The obvious suspect is his nephew Neville, his heir who seems to owe money to everyone, and who was heard to have […]

Moon Over Soho, Audio Edition

Moon Over Soho, Audio Edition (2011/2012) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith This is a story about jazz vampires. “You can’t die of jazz,” said Dr. Walid. “Can you?” I thought of Fats Navarro, Billie Holiday, and Charlie Parker who, when he died, was mistaken by a coroner for a man twice his real age. […]

They Found Him Dead

They Found Him Dead (1937) Georgette Heyer The third Inspector Hannasyde mystery. This one I was pretty sure who the murderer, even if I couldn’t figure out why. Or quite how the second murder was managed. Silas Kane is found dead the day after his 60th birthday celebration. He’s survived by his mother, and a […]

Behold, Here’s Poison

Behold, Here’s Poison (1936) Georgette Heyer The second Inspector Hannasyde mystery. Gregory Matthews is found dead in his bed one morning, with a terrible look up on his face. Everyone assumes it’s a natural death, except for his sister who insists upon an autopsy. The list of possible culprits is quite large, especially since two […]

Death in the Stocks

Death in the Stocks (1935) Georgette Heyer This is, as best I can tell, set around the time it was published, the mid 1930s. What I found fascinating was that I was totally unable to pin down the time. I was pretty sure it was post WWI, but wasn’t quite certain. I think the police […]

The Raven in the Foregate

The Raven in the Foregate (1986) Ellis Peters Set in England in 1141 The 12th Brother Cadfael mystery finds the war between Maud and Stephen again shifted, this time in favor of Stephen, and the political machinations have reached to Shrewsbury when a new priest is sent for the town. “From here where I stand […]

Very Important Corpses

Very Important Corpses (2017) Simon R. Green This is the third Ishmael Jones mystery. The Organization is sending Ishmael and Penny to Scotland (to that very famous Loch in fact) to provide security for a gathering where one agent has already been murdered, and it’s probable the House has been infiltrated by one or more […]

Midnight Riot, Audio Edition

Midnight Riot, Audio Edition (2011/2012) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith I finished all the Nightside books that I own, and instead of buying the next book (none of them are available at my library) I decided to re-listen to the Rivers of London series, since there is a new book. I do love this […]

Diamond Fire

Diamond Fire (2018) Ilona Andrews This is a Hidden Legacy novella, and covers the wedding of Nevada and Rogan. We also meet Rogan’s mother. “If fortune smiles on us, this will be your only wedding. This will be a formal affair. Your bride will be wearing a breathtaking gown, you will be wearing a tuxedo, […]

Treacherous Is the Night

Treacherous Is the Night (2018) Anna Lee Huber Set in Europe in 1919. The second Verity Kent story finds Verity and her husband trying to come to terms with each other–and decide if their marriage will survive his letting her think he was dead for more than a year. I was still coming to grips […]

Dead Men’s Boots, Audio Edition

Dead Men’s Boots, Audio Edition (2007/2009) Mike Carey narrated by Michael Kramer The third Felix Castor book finds Fix attending the funeral of a fellow exorcist–one whose calls Felix ignored. The widow asks Felix for help, which draws him into a mystery that John had been trying to solve–and may have gotten him killed. I’m […]

The Duke’s Gambit

The Duke’s Gambit (2018) Tracy Grant Set in Scotland and London in 1818-1819 The end of the previous novella is start of this book. Malcolm’s sister Gisèle has disappeared with a member of the Elsinore League and so Malcom and Gisèle’s husband Andrew head to London to look for her. Unfortunately, events in Scotland become […]

Midwinter Intrigue

Midwinter Intrigue (2017) Tracy Grant Set in Scotland in 1818 The 14th Malcolm and Melanie Rannoch book is a short story. It’s really an interlude between the previous book and the one that follows, that gets them from Italy back to Britain (in this case, Scotland). It also ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, […]

Gilded Deceit

Gilded Deceit (2017) Tracy Grant Set in Europe on Lake Como in 1818 This is book 13, and follows immediately upon the events of the previous novella. Malcolm and Melanie have fled England. Lord Carfax has threatened to expose Melanie’s past, so to protect her–and the whole family–they’ve left for Italy, with Raoul, Laura, and […]

Mission for a Queen

Mission for a Queen (2016) Tracy Grant Set in London and the Alps in 1818. This is book 12, and reading order has become important. Malcolm and Melanie have fled England after Lord Carfax used Melanie’s history against David–Carfax’s heir–in an attempt to break David’s relationship with playwright Simon Tanner. While family and friends in […]

Paths Not Taken, Audio Edition

Paths Not Taken, Audio Edition (2005/2008) Simon R. Green narrated by Marc Vietor The fifth Nightside book finds John looking to go back in time for a way to stop his mother–the Being Lilith–from destroying the Nightside and possibly the world. John takes with him Suzie Shooter and Tommy Oblivion in the hopes that their […]

A Code of Love

A Code of Love (2014) Jacki Delecki Set in 1802 in London. I only spent 99 cents on this, but I still feel cheated. I speed read through the final quarter of the book, but I still feel cheated. This book was ridiculous, not in a fun over the-top-way, but in an holy cats this […]

His at Night

His at Night (2010) Sherry Thomas Lord Vere has been acting the idiot in public for years now–as his cover as a secret agent for HRM. Even his brother (and only surviving family) believes that a head injury caused permanent damage to Vere’s brain. But pretending has grown exhausting, and the game is far less […]

Captives of the Night

Captives of the Night (1994) Loretta Chase Set in Paris and London in 1828 Leila Beaumont is married to an completely debauched scoundrel. After she realized just how bad he was, she refused him her bed and concentrated on her painting. Comte d’Esmond (born Ismal) is a covert agent for the British crown–sent to look […]