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Deacon Chalk: Blood and Bullets (2012)

Deacon Chalk


Blood and Bullets (2012)

Blood-BulletsFirst off, I actually enjoyed this. I was looking for mind candy, and this succeeded.

Second, I laughed when I saw a picture of the author. Deacon Chalk is quite obviously how the author seems himself, right down to the goatee. That’s not a bad thing per se, but I do have a hard time take an author seriously when the main character is so very obviously a stand in for the author.

But, it really was a nice romp, and there were several things the author did that I really liked. First, there was his description of how vampires smell.

Vampires smell like big snakes, all venom and shed skin.

That is a very interesting description–very visceral. Second, I liked his commentary on the occult world.

Vampires, lycanthropes, Nephilim, and Fey–those are the ones with the biggest fan clubs. I mean, you never find a fan club for a Chimera or a troll. Trolls get no play at all.

Unless, of course, you love Discworld. I am quite the fan of Detritus the troll. But that’s neither here nor there. (However, I am NOT a member of the Nobby Nobbs fan club. I DO have standards.)

I liked the consideration put into going through a building. The strength of doors, weak points of doors, etc. And I also liked the fact that Deacon Chalk was observant Catholic and still in love with his dead wife. I do, however, find Tiff a bit–inexplicable.

But first and foremost, it was an amusing romp that pulled me in. (I’ve started a couple books that had me rolling my eyes in irritation with the main characters.) Flawed but fun.

Published by Kensington Book
Rating: 5/10