Chibi Vampire

Chibi Vampire Vol. 1 (2003)

Chibi Vampire Vol. 1 (2003) Yuan Kagesaki

Chibi Vampire Volume 1 Michael really likes Manga, so I’ve been looking for a series that looks appealing to me, to see if I can figure out what he likes so much. Chibi Vampire has a very interesting premise, so I thought I’d see if I liked it.

Karin is a reverse vampire–unlike the rest of her family, she has to give blood to her victims, or else she has a build-up of too much blood, and suffers terrible nosebleeds. But not only is she a reverse vampire and different from the rest of her family, she is also in high school, and has to deal not only with being a teenager, but also with hiding her vampire status from her schoolmates and friends.

As I said before, I found the premise rather fascinating–a reverse vampire has to donate blood to her victims, but just like her more normal family members, is not supposed to let them know what is happening.

As far as putting the theory into practice, I found the story… cute. Nice idea, but Karin was a little too cute, her situations were a little too cute–everything was just a little too cute for me. I did like some of the twists and turns the story took, but found the implementation not to my tastes.I did love the chapter titles however: The First Embarrassment, the Second Embarrassment… I find that highly amusing. And it’s not that I didn’t find the story amusing. It just never piqued my interest.
So I’ll try some other Manga stories, but I’m wondering whether it just might not be my thing. Most likely, cute school girls just aren’t my thing.

Rating: 6/10