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Christmas 2002

Dad got a brick from Memorial stadium for Christmas Our Christmas Tree Mom got a vase for Christmas
Michael's Mom came to visit Brian
Me Michael Bounder decked out for Christmas

Ben's going away party (September 2002)

group shot of a bunch of lunatics
Me and Ben

Wilson's 2nd Birthday Party (September 2002)

Wilson's 2nd Birthday

Kim's Surprise Party

(Yeah! 40!)

Kim's Surprise Party

Dad's 60th Birthday Party (July 2002)

Brian and Grandmom
Mom, Dad and Grandmom
Grandmom and Me Liz, Grandmom and Michelle

Blackwater Falls (June 2002)

Michelle, Michael and Jill at Blackwater Falls

Trip to Houston

This included Ben's graduation from Rice and visiting Xiaorong (May 2002)

Ben's Graduation Ben's Graduation
Visit with Xiaorong Visit with Xiaorong

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