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Christmas in Akron

And so the holiday season begins, with a long drive to Akron. At least we got snow!

Michale & Grandma Jill and Bill
Michael and Grandma Michael's mother and her fiance Bill
Nicole and Holly Balloon girl
Nicole and Holly A little girl who came to Michael's Uncle Jeff's 50th Birthday party. She was absolutely adorable and very excited when we swiped some balloons from the tables to give to her.


We went to visit my grandmother. The visit primarily involved eating and yard work.
Although you can't tell from the picture, there are 20 bags of plant matter behind Michael and my dad.

We built a fence! In two hours! And it hasn't fallen down yet!

Some new car pictures!

We went to Mike's going away party...

We helped me dad clean his office....


Once again the camera travelled and refused to take picture of humans. I did, however, force it to take this picture of Susan that I like quite well.

Susan B Robbins

It was overcast for much of the trip to Cincinnati, and rained for a good bit, but when it stopped raining I noticed this cloud formation. Unfortunately, a larger portion of the sky was not possible to photograph from a moving car.


We got to spend some time with Shawna, Doug and Wilson when we travelled to Ohio for the funeral of Michael's grandmother.

Wilson at waterfountain Wilson and stick going down slide
WIlson and Shawna on swings Not just Wilson liked the playground
Wilson and Doug on the bridge

Mang's Going Away Party

Mang moved to Memphis for new job. Despite the fact that I no longer worked with her, I got to sneak into her party anyway.

Mang's going away party Mang's going away party
Mang's going away party Mang's going away party
Mang's going away party Mang's going away party
Mang's going away party


Michael's Mom and Grandma came to visit. It was the first time Grandma had seen the house. Now she can actually picture what we're talking about when we describe things!

Mom, Grandma and Michael

Michael, Mom and Grandma


Dying Eggs

lots of egg dye the cartons were saved!
egg dippers! egg dippers! egg dippers are the BEST!
Michael's egg It's a mouse!

April projects

I don't have a thing to read....

not enough booksnot enough booksnot enough books

One foot on a bookshelf
The other on a wheeled filing cabinet.
Working on electricity


James and Dani's baby shower

James wearing baby hat, Dani laughing Dani in the kitchen, being surprised still
Dani and James opening gifts Dani and James with the baby wearing the hat


Believe it or not, we finally took pictures while we were in Cincinnati!

Susan, Alien, Me at the Vontz Hot sauce aisle at Jungle Jim's
Michael, Mr. Robbins, Susan
Me, Mr. Robbins, Susan
Me and Susan at the conservatory Me and Susan at the Conservatory
Look! A River!
Look! A river!
Cincinnati museum
Huge fake cave in the museum SPLAT! You'd make a terrible bat!
If you swung your legs back and forth for a long time this could be exercise Mad Scientist
Susan, Michael, Me, Andy, Heather
Susan, Michael, Me, Andy, Heather
Believe it or not, the cats had free reign of the car


More pictures from the holidays

Michael, Me, Kim, Mike Michael, Wilson, Mike
Me, Milo, Shelly
Michael, Grandma, Shawna Michael and Grandma
Jill and her Christmas sweater Doug, Wilson and Shawna

Christmas trip to Virginia and Baltimore

Grandmom and Aunt Chris Group of Christmas Loons
Grandmom and Liz Grandmom with rabbit ears? Me and Grandmom