Christmas 2006

The Horne clan (minus Eric) came down for a Christmas visit.


We had manly men available if something heavy needed moved.


We hung out with Grandmom.


But mostly we were just were goofy.


Surprise 60th Birthday party for Mom

Mom was excited about her surprise party.


Very excited.


Lots of people came (despite the fact that it was right before Christmas); Mom had to hug everyone there.

Happy 60th birthday Mom!


Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian and Stacie came in so we could celebrate Brian's birthday.

Brian (very attentive and excited) and his birthday cheesecake (melting).

Dueling cameras!


The elusive Stacie--often hidden by protective camouflage.


Michael was so lucky to have help when he cleaned the fishtank. Of course one of the things that had to be done was the removal of numerous nose prints from the outside glass.
And really, I should take a picture of the tank after he cleaned it, since it's so purty.

Grandma's Birthday

We went up to Akron to help Grandma celebrate her birthday.

Michael & Grandma