Coopers Rock State Forest



CCC Camp Rhododendron, formerly Camp Preston. Work began in May 1936.




Pricketts Fort State Park


Rhododendron Trail: 0.9 miles 1716-2057 (303) feet elevation change (one way) From the Rhododendron trail you can branch off to the Notmucha trail to the campsite, the connector to the Ridge Trail. At the bottom you can take the Mont Chateau trail, Clay Run trail, Iron Furnace trail, or Advanced Ski trail

Ridge Trail: 1.7 miles 1644-2232 (652) feet elevation change (one way) From the Ridge trail you can branch off to Rock City or take the connector to the Rhododendron trail. At the bottom is the Mont Chateau trail.

Rock City Trail: 0.8 miles 1956-2084 (156) feet elevation change (one way) At the end you can take a connector to the Ridge trail

Rattlesnake Trail: 0.6 miles 1992-2205 (271) feet elevation change (one way) Starting at near the overlook, it ends at the Rock City trail and Ridge trailhead

Scotts Run Trail: 2.7 miles 1932-2289 (469) feet elevation change (loop) + Roadside trail

Headwaters Trail: 1.0 miles 2147-2300 (164) feet elevation change (one way) One end of this trail is down the Advanced Ski trail the other end is at the Resovoir loop trail. At the resovoir you can take the Clay Run trail or the roadside trail or the Blackberry trail.

Advanced Ski Trail: 2.1 miles 1842-2401 (571) feet elevation change (one way) The Headwaters and Intermediate ski trails branch off. At the bottom is the Henry Clay Iron furnace, and you can take the Mont Chateau trail, Rhododendron trail or Clay Run trail.

Clay Run Trail: 1.6 miles 1776-2164 (404) feet elevation change (one way) This trail starts at the resovoir. There is an unofficial trail up to the Rhododendron campsite that branches off, and at the end you can take the Rhododendron trail, Iron Furnace trail, Mont Chateau trail, or Advanced Ski trail.

Hemlock Trail: 1.2 miles 1294-1896 (602) feet elevation change (loop)

Raven Rock: 2.9 miles 1981-2158 (743) feet elevation change (out and back) The McCollum trail crosses the Raven Rock trail.

Mont Chateau Loop: 2.0 miles; 1538-1789 (251) feet elevation change (loop) This is accessed from the Ridge Trail OR from the Clay Furnace, Clay Run, Advanced Ski, or Rhododendron trail. You can follow the trail down to the lake.

Mont Chateau Trail: 1.7 miles 980-1681 feet (770) 7.8% grade (one way) This is accessed from the Clay Run, Rhododendron, Iron Furnace or Advanced Ski Trail.

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Coopers Rock State Forest

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