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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Geek, Dress Thy Self!

So, there is a distinct probability we’re heading back to a dress code at work.

This doesn’t particularly bother me, because I understand the rationale and agree with it.

However, I’m tired of black pants and white shirts, which is my typical default. So, I’m looking for recommendations.

When I’m not wearing black pants and white shirts (with a jacket or sweater) I tend towards long black skirts and dusters.

But I have several other outfits that I think do a better job expressing my… personality? Sense of humor? and I’d like to find more skirts and dusters along those lines.

Such as this dress only worth with tights and my black boots. (like this)

I recently ordered this skirt for myself which I will also wear with tights and boots. (Why tights? Because I am very uncomfortable with having my legs–and even arms–exposed. I don’t have a problem with other people exposing their skin, this is just my own, personal comfort level.)

But I’m having a hard time finding other skirts and dusters that are cute and amusing and personality laden that I could comfortably wear to work. The reason I have so many black pants and skirts is because I can wear them every week.

But I’d like a few more outfits that are fun and entertaining, at least to me if no one else. I’ve found the search for “geeky dress” or “geek skirt” to be singularly unhelpful, bringing up either con dresses or very skimpy outfits that are more–to my mind–akin to underoos than something to be worn in public. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this, but my tastes run more to this (which is a coat).

Yes, I know very well I need to start sewing again. I have tons of ideas for things I could make for myself, but until that time, I would like some recommendations.

Anyone have anything for me?

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