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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Ramblings: Rail Trail

We went a little further south on the Mon River rail trail this weekend, but as temperatures were in the high 90s, we didn’t go all the way to Fairmont.

Oh, we got a new toy–a Garmin Oregon GPS. It has a camera, which I’m excited about not for the pictures it takes, but because of the precise GPS data attached to that pictures. When I upload the GPS pictures to Flickr, it automatically puts those pictures on the map. I can then drag other pictures taken at that spot onto the map in the same place. So if you have a GPS you can now find a specific spot, which is fun.



I’m thinking that these areas have running water only because we have had so very much rain recently. But, they’re pretty so I’ll enjoy them for now.


Wearing an ankle wrap makes me foot look even shorter and wider.


You can still see the marks where the rock face was blown off to make way for the railroad. Michael and I had a short debate about where the rock went after it was blown off.


And we found another of the tall cement structures.

In this one, the “doorway” was facing away from where the tracks would be.



And yes, the GPS data is attached to those pictures, so you can find them if you want.

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