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Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Ramblings: Babcock State Park

After leaving the New River Gorge Bridge, we stopped by Babcock State Park, because despite the overcast day, I figured it would be gorgeous.

It was.

I’ve heard this is the most photographed spot in the state. I find that kinda depressing, since, although the area is gorgeous, the gristmill isn’t original, but was instead reassembled from others that were taken down.

Plus, there’s so much non-man-made gorgeous scenery. But, here’s an obligatory picture of the grist mill, and you can see how gorgeous the area was yesterday.



We saw, in the short time we were there, two separate wedding shoots.


Here’s the stream above the mill:


We decided to take the Island in the Sky Trail.


Climb to an elevation of 2546 feet, and you’ll find this.


It was far less surprising, when we discovered there was a road that could bring you to this height, instead of climbing things like this:


Regardless of the shortcut, it was a gorgeous hike up. (Starting elevation was 2260 feet. We made the climb in about half an hour.)

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