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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hiking WV: Seneca Rocks

We again made the trip to Seneca Rocks to hike to the top in memory of my cousin Ben on his birthday.

Once again, we did the hike straight up to the top with no breaks. That’s 1.8 miles, 900 feet, in just under 40 minutes.

We were very lucky that it didn’t rain on us–the forecast was calling for thunderstorms, but other than a few sprinkles (and a lot of sweat) we made it back to the car, dry.

Location: Seneca Rocks (part of the Monongahela National Forest)
Distance: 3.5 miles
Elevation: 991 feet

This is taken from up on the rocks, above the observation deck. The Order muppet did not join me.


The view along the ridge of the rock.



Just above the observation deck, and as high as the Order Muppet wanted to climb.


An utterly gorgeous stream along the trail.


You can see from this picture, that it was a cloudy, overcast day. But that did make it cooler, and nicer to hike.


For those unfamiliar with Seneca Rocks, the hike takes you up to the left side of the rocks. The observation desk is approximately where the tree-line ends.

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